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All my life I try to work as hard as possible, and have avoided those who take fanatic position to their political point of views, I consider myself a Conservative, and believe in a balance approach in life. Respect everyone else's life style, Political views etc. because I expect them to treat me the same way. Unfortunately sometimes there are among us who demand respect and everything else from everyone they meet in their lives, yet do NOT offer none to others.. 


I am a true believer in Human phylosophy and constructive teachings, we should think before we speak. Ambition is NOT a vice of little people-Michel M.


As William Shakespeare said:

Because whereof we cannot speak Thereof we must be Silent

       Youth Ages

       Maturity is outgrown

       Ignorance can be Educated

       Drunken can be Sober

       BUT STUPID lasts forever


     -- Life Lessons On October 31, 2011, when MF GLOBAL Inc. filed for Bankruptcy protection and all the News released thereafter on how they have been with intent Robbing their clients, I felt a little relieved, while when MF Global Inc. Bankrupted some of our Companies, some were manipulated to come after me and accuse me of the failure of the Company, without trying to listen what I had to say, NOT knowing what I went through during November of 2007 and March 18, 2008, how I witnessed that MF Global Inc. Robbed our Money through their electronic system. 


     I forgive all those that truly hurt me, attacked my personality, called me scum bags, constantly TRASHED me and wrongfully rail road me, used their influences thinking that they are doing Good, all because they were blinded with their own opinion, anger and hate, to a point that they couldn't leave us alone to focus on the real perpeterator (MF Global). Which is why from the Ancient times phylosophors said: Anger and hate, melts our Souls.


      The entire time I HAD CONFIDENCE that the TRUTH will come out. I hope this will be an experience for (a former employee of one of my Company's) who can't get enough writing about me, (I guess makes him feel important) NOT understanding that his hate and actions against me, allowed MF Global Inc. to get away and to cover up their larceny for another 3 years, till on November 06, 2011 they came forward admitting, to what I was saying happened to 140 people including us back in March of 2008. While this former employee with his constant phone calls made all the Attorneys and Trustees so confused that NO one was listening to what I have to say.


     Usually it takes 1 to 3 years to properly to establish FACTS in a complaint, his commentaries, and constant phone calls that he made to everyone wasted 3 years. To a point that the TRUSTEES were NO longer interested to investigate MF Global Inc. or deal with all the phone calls made by him, doubting that I may not be a credible witness or victim.


     NOW MF Global is Bankrupt, $1.7 BILLION CASH is missing from people's account, and its estimated that an additional $5.7 BILLION Dollar in assets cannot be accounted for, and we no longer may be NOT entitle or recover our damages.


    CONGRATULATIONS, for the screw up, next time, I hope he seats aside and leave educated and professional people to do their Jobs.Those tell, don't know, those know don't tell.

- Sherlock Holmes


William Shakespeare said: Because whereof we cannot speak.Thereof we must be Silent.


       MF Global was the source that destroyed thousands of lives, and was NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL, and we maybe could have stopped them in 2009. But Four weeks prior to the date that I was supposed to appear at the hearing against MF Global to give testimony, was cancelled, just because of the Bankruptcy non-discharge order, and even worse when that this very educated!!! former Salesman/employee of our Company, blogged it all over the internet,  I could no longer appear as a credible witness at the hearing, which forced our Trustee to settle for cents on every $100 that MF Global took from our Companies, . His interventions playing perry Mason (without Schooling) was like him trying to be an UMPIRE for a Major Baseball League by self-proclamation, without understanding how the legal system works. (Search MF Global Fraud, Bankruptcy NEWS).


     It's unfortunate that sometimes people are so manipulated by their own opinions that target others, because they take hard position of their self-concluded opinion or political views, and THINK they figured it all out. Yet sometimes there is NO; BA, BS,PHD or Testimonials hanging on their wall; And are yet convinced that they are the smartest Guy in the World. And in a twisted way believe that those disagree with their actions are BAD people and therefore need to be destroyed. If we all accept our place and stay within our PAY GRADE level, and do NOT try to get involve in things that are beyond our understanding, ALLOW Time to progress the Facts, and STOP treating people's Lives as it's a Movie with FANTASTIC (imaginary) script. WE WILL ALL HAVE A BETTER WORLD. It takes a lot more than what we; ASSUME, or SPECULATE to live a life, Run a Business, Judge others, and for sure takes more time than a two hour time that a movie concludes, to conclude reality.


       GOOD INTENSIONS it's not an excuse, as its said by the members of the academic society:


The Road to Hell is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS, meaning we dig a whole without 'engineering planning', and thinking we are doing good, because we tell ourselves or others that we did it out of our good heart. When actually we did NOT understand that what we did, made the outcome of the situation worse. It's like traveling on a Plane and forces your way to Fly that Plane when we can't even ride a Bicycle and learn that we don't even know how to find an Airport to land. 


     We are all AMERICANS before we are White, Black, Brown, Tall, Short, Left or Right. We UNITED can succeed and keep our Country on top. A DEMOCRACY IS A UNION OF ALL PEOPLE AND THIS IS WHAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT.


       I as a regular citizen, was honored and privileged to meet some of our leaders to discuss the hardship and challenges we all go through. My FAMILY and I, have had our own share of hardship from the recent crisis, we were Bankrupted by a MULTIBILLION dollar company (Search MF Global Fraud) and were prematurely Slandered, Sued, that forced us to close Businesses that hired and benefited 100 people in our County.


     However, we did NOT lose faith, just because some formed opinions, whether they were manipulated, brain washed, Lack of knowledge, Lack of Education, or motivated by Financial GAINS.


      Those who defame your character, it's because they resent you, I wish they put all that energy to create darkness and be the messenger of pessimism in other people's lives, and instead be productive and positive in their own lives by becoming source of optimism.


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      On another NOTE I do NOT understand why some believe by trashing "Small Business owners who work 16 hours a day, and help our society by providing 75% of the Jobs in America", think that they are doing a GOOD Job.