Ryan A Bridges, comments on health.


Our Health is the most priority in our Lives, the healthier we live the less problems we have in life.


We Americans care for the health of our dogs, which is very important to all of us, but some K9 illnesses are unavoidable during the course of a dog's life. For example, overbreeding can cause problems in the bones that tend to manifest in the hip and back. Blindness due to old age is another condition beyond our influence.

Nevertheless, the best way to prevent these and other illnesses is to visit the veterinarian on a regular basis. This provides a comprehensive picture of your pet’s overall health. The vet should also be contacted in case of an emergency, or when the dog shows unusual symptoms.


So they need us because they cant drive, or call their Vet or even tell us where it hurts the most, every time you look in their eyes, they smile, like dont worry I am fine, but the fact is that they might be severe pain, so thats why they need us and we need them, so its best to care for ourselves to be able to care for our love ones.

Shakespeare philosophy about enjoying life;


William Shakespeare Said : I always feel happy, you know why? 

Because I don't expect anything from anyone, Expectations always hurt;

Life is short

So love your life;

Be happy and keep smiling.


Don't Live for yourself.

Before you speak ؛ Listen

Before you write ؛ Think

Before you spend ؛ Earn

Before you pray ؛ Forgive,

Before you hurt ؛ Feel

Before you hate ؛ Love ,


That's Life Feel it, Live it, Enjoy it  


And don't spoil other People's Life.