Ryan A. Bridges speaks about Music.


Music is Human's main hobby, its an instrument that has direct effect on our emotions and feelings, can make us Sad, Fun, aggressive, energetic and or even creative. I listen to a diverse mix of genres and styles, and I'm always open to new ideas. These musical influences form the basis for my own music.

Our Soul always is craving for passionate songwriter and musician, but some think Music is still just a hobby. A Good Music, whether is Symphony, Jazz, Blues, Rock, is food for our Soul, its what makes our mind to forget and let to live for those moments that we are listening to our favorite Song or Music.


I've never played in a professional setting – in a studio or a big venue, for example – but as a Kid I use to play Piano and Guitar in School, and to this day I regret why I didn’t keep on practicing.

Poems and short stories as important, which have different creative streak in us. And its the reason that some of us are hooked on playing music ever since we are young. My tastes have evolved over the years, but my passion for music is unchanged.


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My taste in music isn't limited to any one genre, and as a result my musical influences are wide and varied. From the great pioneers to blues, the masters of jazz and the rock legends (of course those that do not sound violent) and modern bluegrass artists of today, these are the styles that inspire me and inform my own compositions. In General must make you feel GOOD and pain free.