Ryan A. Bridges  California USA biography

Hobbies: Music,  movies, going out
Music: Rock and pop, country
Movies: Gone with the Wind, Avatar, Shrek
Languages: English, French, German,



My motto: Carpe diem– seize the day! HAVE FAITH, and PATIENCE, THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAILE, I stick to three principles:


  1- Courage is mastery of fear, NOT absence of fear.

  2- Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of Goal.

  3- Don't Judge anybody before you check yourself out. You are lucky when it's your fault because you can correct the situation.

A Brief Biography on my Life and Career;


My name is Ryan A. Bridges, since 1998, for 18 years, I live in O.C. California on the same block.


My mission in life; is to contribute and help build a better standard for our future generations. 


I am proud to be an American. And though I am Caucasian!!, I have been subject to discrimination or hate behaviors. I am writing this to you; so you know, that Color of our Skin or accent is not the cause of discrimination, it's because that some people have issues, and I believe we should NOT blame our Country for behavior of the few, who are enraged with hate toward others because of their self-problems. This type of persons aren't BAD in nature, it's how they have accumulated rage as they grow up for various reasons, and to the contrary we should help them to rehabilitate their angers and hates for others. Anger is commonly generated because of low IQ, violent abuse since childhood, and lack of vitamin and fiber due to malnutrition in some areas of human brain.



From 1976-1979, I attended College du Leman in Geneva Switzerland, Goring Hall in England. I earned my  “Business Management Diploma” at Stratford Business School in Washington D.C. where I graduated with an Average score of 92% which is equal to Grade of “A”. CURRENTLY I am studying Criminal Justice with the same institute and so far my AVERAGE GRADE SCORE IS 93% = “A”. My Major expertise is in EXPORT, and International Trade, where our country lacks the MOST.


Career; I am a long time Executive Officer by profession, majoring in International Trade “EXPORT”, and Marketing. During my career I have held many top Executive positions with Fortune 100 companies. In 1990, I worked my way up from "Commerce Affairs division Deputy Managing Director" and within 6 months I was promoted to "CEO and member of the board of directors" by the third largest Mercedes Benz Facility “Top-Service Mercedes Benz Corporation” under direction of the headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. As a result of a good teamwork skills that I implemented during my career at Top Service Mercedes Benz Corp. I was honored with the "Mercedes Benz AG" CEO (Managing Director) Appreciation Letter, for outstanding Management, Honesty, Sincerity and performance. (See Letter go to the "Achievement" page)

During my career: I also held independent Consultant positions, with such as: Sumitomo Corporation Steel Division, which is the 15th largest Corporation in the World. My passion in International Trade, and as a result of my tenure working and traveling abroad; enabled me to learn additional languages . In mid-1999: I founded several Companies that employed over 100 people and vendors in Orange County California. That earned me the Chairman’s Entrepreneurial GAVEL Award from the NRCC.


I have experienced my share of Frivolous and Stereotype Law Suit, by individuals who jumped the Gun, easily convinced and manipulated others that an American like me who is BORN in a different COUNTRY, is less likely to be believed, or is a facist because is a Registered Republican, and therefore as SMALL Business owner was to blame for every mistakes others do. All my life I have loved Animals, helped others and have never been involve in a fight. So I do NOT understand why being a centerist Conservative person some can marke others as a facist just because of his or her voter registration card.


From 1989 through 2003: After a long and very successful Career, by climbing up the ladder and making CEO, working for major Corporations , I decided to become a full time self-employed and create Jobs for my fellow Citizens.


Awards and Recognition From 1990 through 2011;


I received over 143, Appreciations, Awards and commendations from Mercedes Benz in Germany, XEROX Corporation in California and many others.(You may view some at "Achievements" and Testimonials")


And during the time that I was working at XEROX Agency in Orange County California, for my efforts for fulfilling my Civic duties to our Society, in 2001; I received the NRCC Honorary Business Advisory Council Chairmen from State of California  by Congressman Tom Davis. I have always  supported and will continue to our Soldiers, Veterans, Police Officers and their Families. In 2002 I was honored receiving the NRCC Congressional Medal of Distinction for my SINCERE support [NOT monetary contribution] toward the passage of one of the major tax cuts in our History. [Available on "Achievement" page] Because while I Lived and worked in Europe, I witness first-hand how Europe ran off their best and brightest Businessmen/Entreprenuers to other Countries especially to ASIA, just because they couldn't afford to continue creating more Business by paying high Tax rates.


I’ve had the honor of receiving  The Eisenhower Commission Award signed by 3 former Presidents of the United States for helping the U.S. Small Business Organization and Talented Entrepreneurs to create jobs for the American working class.


General Information:


I pride my self in conservative family values, and I SUPPORT BOTH SIDES CENTRIST IDEAS of Democrats and Republicans Law Makers, for as long as serves for the best interests to our, Wold, Country, Community and Citizens.


TWO party Law making chambers; it' creates a successful Democracy, THOSE who target to eliminate either side's thinkers and think by destruction of the other side's with brain are doing Good for their own cause or Country:


Are dead wrong; DESTROYING THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE, THINK AND CONTRIBUTE IDEAS TO OUR TWO PARTY SYSTEM will  Lead our Society to POVERTY and Dictatorship.. [watch my video on YouTube; title; Unite Again]


I would describe myself as a workaholic and feel that one of my greatest accomplishments is the work I put into creation of All US Chambers of Commerce in the U.S., to form a forum to help Small Businesses to network and promote their products or services.


On a personal note, I am Registered Republican, and I have known gay friends in school, in college, or at work, this notion that one because of his or her being a Conservative, or a Republican voter hates, other members of the society, because of their private affairs, it's UNFAIR and BIAS. Or the notion that all conservative person do NOT believe that people who TRULY need Government support programs, and shouldn't receive it, is absolutly false. EDUCATION is important: So I did research to find if such thing is true and found out that Republican have created or supported assistant programs and we are all Human who have passion and understandings that FALLEN, Ill, Disable, elderly and those victim of unexpected event need SUPPORT, and certain Government assistant programs are MUST and NECESSARY. I have experienced PAVERTY at its deepest. But  relied on working, leaving the Aid resources AVAILABLE for those who can NOT work at all and are 100% disable.


I enjoy helping people to rebuild their lives; I am passionate in stopping abuse of defenseless animals. I am a member of the ASPCA, and regularly promote and encourage support for the Saint Jude Children’s Hospitals and Disabled Veterans.


And like most American U.S. Small Business, I have been sued and have enemies, who accused me of being a BAD guy, or called me SCUM BAG, I became the target and unfairly treatment who were brain washed by the SAME people that I helped in rebuilding their lives or tried helping their lives, I even bailed some out of Jail.


I do NOT understand why there is so much animosity toward Small Business owners, or when it comes to a dispute between an Small Business and a Large Corporation, the Small Business is a dead beat Loser, because most people think large Corporations must be protected at all costs, where the Small Business in America and the World create 75%-89% of the JOBS, and yet are easily and mostly ruined on their first Law Suits.


I invite you; prior to forming opinions in Life on any issues or person, to visit all the FACTS and educate yourself on issues, before being manipulated by people or their self-serving postings on the internet with Personal Agendas.