Ryan A. Bridges expresses his thoughts on importance of READING literatures.


I have a passion for words. People have been using the written word for thousands of years as a means of communication:


We use them to record our ideas, share them with our peers, and pass them on to future generations.

That's why I have been reading all sorts of books since I was very young, and I often find that I can get completely engrossed in a book. I don't just mean an exciting crime novel, that some times effects our thoughts and behaviors, but a nonfiction text that introduces  to a previously unknown topic that can give me an insight into the thoughts of another person, and teach me a lesson in life. Learn to first to LOOK at myself, and Judge myself before I feel qualify to Judge or evaluate someone else’s life or actions. Constructions, improvements and living a better life. Through EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE, A BOOK that can stretch my BRAIN.


Albert Einstein said: A BRAIN that is stretched cannot be turned back to its original size. AT HIS BEDSIDE when a Reporter ask him that if there is any regrets in his life? He replied: My biggest regret is that there is so much still left to know that makes me feel that if I am dying without education. It's this fascination that feeds human “greed” to constantly seek out and devour new books.


LACK OF EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE: Is the Source of all atrocities, Radicalism, Racism, Discriminations, Stereotype, intolerance, Wars and Crimes. Poverty follows lack of education, Prove of it is that the violent behavior of Drug dealers despite all the Millions that they make never changes.

You can probably tell:  a real bookworm. And I think that's a good thing, since as well as all kinds of “necessary” publications such as newspapers or even instruction manuals, there are many more exciting worlds to choose from.