Though after at least the last 14000 years written cultures, History, Advice by wise people, Human mistakes, from the Mayan, to Chinese, Indians, Persians, Arabs, Europe and now America, "One" thing was commonly agreed upon and advised to the next generation that:



anger does not built up warriors, but incinerates our soul and brain, and decisions made or planned with anger, will blind us from going the right path. all these philosophers’ who may seem that they copy righted one another (which is impossible considering that there was no oregnized communication systems at those centuries) all agree to one principle, think, consult, plan, review, then initiate if 100% you are sure that you were not fueled by anger.



They all advise that we should not allow ourselves to be engaged in long conversations motivated by agenda, hate, and scape being brain washed. This is how wars get started and millions of innocent children die. So patience is advised, because time will tell the truth. And faith is advised because the person who is actualy fighting the battle knows more, and therefore we need to let them do their job. Authority with knowledge to particulars may not be those that we might know as our friends, neighbor or family, because in our system there are many different levels of people, with different level of assignments, who work in the background to hunt the whale, where we might hunt the bait. So we need to have faith in america, and because it's democracy, with government changes, with new people, comes always the truth out, even if it was not ready when we wanted so bad.



In APRIL of 2008, as Small Business owner, due to massive losses in the 2008 market crash, I had to close few of my Companies, unfortunately because Small Businesses don’t matter and do not qualify for financial aids, some refused to give us a chance, so we can pursue the source that Bankrupted our Companies. And despite I WANTED so badly that the TRUTH to become public knowledge.


Instead because some chose to initiate a massive attack on me as a Person, motivated by their inner hate, and assumption that they figured it all out, (I shared some of the Story on my Home page, under breaking News). With their action on me, they WORKED IN FAVOR OF THE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY THAT WE WERE SUING AND INVESTIGATING TO [RECOVER OUR MONEY] BY THE NAME OF MF GLOBAL INC.


During the 2008-2010 Bankruptcy, while the estates had NO money to acquire proper defense some enjoyed having [field day] to obtain a Judgment against our Bankrupt estate, and feel joyfull or victorious, and now realizing they held our estate back from exposing and stopping MF Global Inc. three years earlier.



Because the some were so fueled with HATE and ANGER, they lost the direction on the field, and scored in their own GOAL, hypnotized that the bars they shot the ball at it's where they will get closure because "Anger" motivates REVENGE and it's at time we as human lose sight and do ilogical actions. As an example they by trashing me (Thanks to the persistence of our former employee, who has never created a single Job in his life), I was NO longer a credible witness, that placed our Bankrupt estate Attorneys in a position to have NO choice but to accept MF Global Inc's offer to Settle at $80,000.00 and cancel the hearing, at the NFA that could have led to larger discoveries, save 11000 people from losing their BILLIONS of DOLLARS money to MF Global, because the estate Counsels felt with their primary witness (Me) trashed we might lose at the NFA.



Why 48 hours after the nicely written BK Memo, MF Global Inc. rushed and volunteered to pay cents on every hundred dollars, if they were wrongfully accused by me. It's Logics; Because still they feared that they might lose, because they knew what they had done to us and many others in 2007 and 2008, and couldn't RISK my complaint open the can of warms. And with this they managed to survive, STEAL $5.3 BILLIONS more and cover it up through November 06, 2011.


NOW they need to feel ashamed of what they did FUELED BY ANGER and HATE. On November 06, 2011 MF GLOBAL Inc. filed for Bankruptcy protection and immediately thereafter MF Global became subject of Criminal investigation by the various Federal Agencies, including the FBI. (Please Google MF Global Fraud Investigation or MF Global missing $1.7 Billion Dollar Cash from Client accounts that has been covered up for years).