The Arts role in our lives

Ryan A. Bridges, shares his thoughts on how important Art's role is in Human's Life.


Reading books, listening to and making music, marveling at artwork or even painting it at a young age: develops a fascination for literature, music and art, which forms our perspectives in Life. As involvement with the arts is common practice since the beginning when Human first Lived in CAVES and way before developed speech or Language ability, we as human figured out to communicate our thoughts, feelings, challenges, hunting, to everything else that came into our minds with one another by drawing them on the Walls of the Caves we lived in.

For instance, there is an amateur artist or art collector, in every Human being, that attracts us to museums and art galleries. And its there one unconsciously, will become concentrated exclusively on paintings or sculptures, and develop a taste for the emerging digital media.

Or new "art" forms similar to the drawing below here hold great appeal for some, as do all the other interesting creative fields that we get to know over time.