Visual Arts

Ryan A. Bridges shares his mind about visual Arts.


Art is Human's main source of imagination. This is why we are all interested in a wide range of media and art forms, and are always open to new ideas.

We are all fascinated by the arts since an early age. This is the reason we are all drawn to museums and art galleries when young. We mostly concentrate exclusively on paintings and sculptures, to develop a taste for the emerging creation of digital media. These new art forms hold great appeal because this route.

Famous artists are instrumental in shaping our views on life and art, and they are the inspiration for us to develop our own imagination in creating Arts. By attending few courses to learn the basics of the trade, we mostly can find whether we have deeper talent for becoming a famous Artists or not.

There are at least four disciplines; within the visual arts: paintings, photography, film and sculptures.


Imagine how many millions of people came and gone, yet their "Art" such the Mayans, Aztecs, the Pyramids in Egypt, The Chinese Wall, The Persepolis in Persia, Annapolis in Greek, Saint Petersburg and many greet structures that were build based on a base sculpture all still exist and survived some Human aggression for destructions.