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Ryan A Bridges, shares his experience meeting with our leaders.


In year 1999, then Secretary of Commerce Bill Daly, cabinet member to former President Bill Clinton (the Chief of Staff for President Obama) was the first U.S. Cabinet member that I met and had a chance to speak with at the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce meeting such a humble man and down to earth. Another COC member who was there took the picture of me while speaking with Secretary Daly that I included in my Photo Gallery.


Then it was year 2000 when I received the call to fly to Washington DC and meet with our leaders, I accepted it without a second thought. It was an exciting moment, curiosity was high and I always was intrigue to see how our democracy and Government Works.


The next day after our arrival in Washington DC in August of 2000, we were taken by a Bus to a Restaurant to have Lunch with our District's Congressman in U.S. Congress, I was so out of loop that when Congressman Christopher COX (later the SEC Secretary) came to join us, I had NO idea who he is. I still can remember the look on his face by the way I did NOT pay attention to his arrival; possibly he assumed that I probably don’t like him, NOT knowing that I did NOT know who he is. However, he was so gracious, kept his smile and initiated conversation.


Former Secretary and Congressman Christopher Cox is one of the most Honorable Men that this Country has.


My overall experience throughout my trips was amazing, meeting all these are very powerful men, and women yet humble and down to earth. Especially Senator Elizabeth Dole, a kind Sole, who always greeted everyone with such warmth arm that still to this day has touched our heart, since She retired we all miss her, She is another example who dedicated her entire life alongside with her Husband to serve our beloved country.


Another Lady Senator I admire her strength and skills is our Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, I never forget this: It was 2005 and I was dressed casully to fly back to California and was wearing a Red Cashmere sweater walking out of the United States Senate Building in Washington DC, came from the opposite side then Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, we almost ran into each other, when I saw her up close and said HELLO; she was so humble that didn't even blink before she responded back, I remember this incident because the way she was looking at my Red sweater, probably thinking who wears a cashmere sweater in U.S. Senate building especially a Red one.


Times are tough for all of us, and as I wrote in my previous pages we too have shared our own hardships during these down economy crisis.


But based on my opinion the events that led to this crisis, could not have prevented by any of our Law maker, this did NOT happen because of less regulation nor happened because of entitlement programs.


IT HAPPENED because of two decades of low productivity and less export, and loss of industrial Jobs. Our Law makers need to give the American Small Business maker a boost, and protect them from being sued, regardless if they are at fault or not, a law suit complaint against an Small Busines or its owners should go to an Arbitration FIRST, before parties are allowed to file a suit, (at least we need to do this for the sake of Judicial economy, is it better to jam up our Judicial system with these 2-3 years long suits or unfair settlements or to create space  for  our Judicial system to keep violent criminals off the streets) further on they need to STOP those internet web sites who let others TRASH Businesses and think its protected under the FIRST Amendment that is destroying an economy by disenchanting those who are sick and are less desired to open a Business because they could be TRASHED in less than 2 minutes by a biased person, who has never owned a Business, needed to meet a payroll, and thinks his actions will help our economy.