Family Members

Ryan A. Bridges shares his view on Family.


I often hear stories of how families fall apart. Of course there will always be arguments and difficulties in any family, but in the end we all should stick together and make an unbeatable team. That's not only true of our parents, our siblings and our self, it's also true of extended family. We may not see each other all too often, but we always look forward to seeing each other at family reunions, this should tell us that there is an unbreakable bond among us.


Have you traveled abroad: How did you feel, or how immediately you automatically ganged up with our fellow Americans and form a bond, family type of bond, even if that person is from the opposite side of our spectrum when we are in the Country, but suddenly is on the same team. We always bond a friendship, or tie a family union with others, this is in our DNA. Its Human DNA, and regardless of our Race we bond through this one primary DNA, the Human being DNA on Earth.

Our Living partner:
We are all happier as couples, life is more meaningful and colorful when we have living partners, a partner is hard to come by so we should always see it as the Golden Goose. And with the addition of kids, becomes more valuable.

kids is the best thing that can ever happen in our life. We become immortals', and continue to live on earth through our children. Every time those big eyes beam at us it makes it feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Family also comprises:
Parents and Siblings. We all have a friendly relationship alongside our family ties, because no group of people is more important than your own family. Have you asked: Why unfortunately, we don't see my aunts and uncles all that often, but when we do get together we all have a great time. It's because of the blood connection. Regardless of our personal differences we comprise with them as they comprise with us.


I keep up with my nieces, nephews, and cousins. We exchange e-mails and talk about our lives, it's that subconscious magnet, the family, connection, we often feel the same way about our Childhood friends.