'I Do!' Till....

Ryan A. Bridges talks about his marriage:


These commitments: For Richer or Poor, for better or Worse, in Health or illness are NOT Words, it's when TWO Human being become ONE Soul in TWO Bodies, we pick the BAD with the GOOD together. Of course there are marriages that cannot or were never meant to last, but overall I don't believe one should break up a family, for events that can be put behind.



There is a lot to consider on a marriage, when we are very upset or angry, we always need to remember the big day. The first order of business the arrangements with the efficient, THE FUN, SMILES, HAPPINESS, THE EXCITEMENT. Once that's taken AWAY, we will feel empty. Remember the care of we all gave to organize the wedding ceremony, and after that, BUILD our family and friends, or invitations we made year after year on our anniversary, so that they can keep that day clear for us in their calendars and celebrate our union with us. The BIRTH of our Children, their Birthday, their, first day in school, Graduations, Nights we worried, Nights we partied, our Kids Weddings, their Kids Birth.....

Then we REMEMBER how much Exciting times we had! and then we need to weigh in the value of the family.



Remember when we went to a jeweler together and had a first look at the available wedding bands. The selection turned out to be enormous! We settled on a plain yet elegant design that will always remind us of this special day in our lives.

The difficult choice when it comes to selecting the dress for the most wonderful day of her life. How much lace does she want, should it be white or colorful, short or long, bare-shouldered or covered?

We kept it secret, what dress we were going to wear until the wedding day itself!


The after the wedding ceremony, like Honeymoon. Did you know where the term 'honeymoon' comes from? Records dating back to the sixteenth century report that the name originates from the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest.

Whatever the original meaning may have been, we are certainly needed to live a marriage in the sweetest charter. And suddenly its two decades since it all begun.